What exactly is COPD?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive lung disease that affects tens of millions of Americans and is the third leading cause of death in the United States.

The prevalence of COPD in Kentucky (10.3% in 2013) is higher than anywhere else in the United States.

Our Initiative

SAVE YOUR BREATH is a community campaign that is challenging COPD afflicted residents of the greater Louisville area to sign up to REVON, a FREE new app to track their symptoms and take steps to improve their quality of life.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer says,

“In addition to using data to improve lives, I’m happy to announce that REVON has entered into a relationship with TreesLouisville. For every ten patients who use the REVON platform, REVON will donate one tree to TreesLouisville. Donating trees to improve air-quality tackles the same health issue, just from a different angle.”


Sign Up Today

How We Help

REVON is a digital health company based in Crestwood, KY that has made its software platform available for COPD patients and their care providers. REVON encourages them to visit the SAVE YOUR BREATH campaign website, sign up and contribute to make a difference.

Why is being involved in the SAVE YOUR BREATH campaign community so important for people with COPD?

The SAVE YOUR BREATH campaign allows you (COPD patients) to contribute to benefit you and others like you.

REVON helps care providers to get a better overview of what happens to patients at home and can help change the lives of patients with chronic diseases like COPD.

REVON prompts patients to take control, measure their health and get feedback on their health. REVON is a charting system for easy, continuous gathering of personal health information in an outpatient setting.

REVON is also an expert clinical decision support tool that lets

  • Patients better understand what their disease status is.
  • Families better understand the management of care for their loved ones.
  • Care providers better understand a patient’s current condition.

Collective health data can be analyzed and subsequently used to devise and implement targeted care intervention for COPD patients and their caregivers.

What you get with Revon

The app enables COPD patients to:

  • Learn more about their condition
  • Track their own health
  • Communicate more effectively with their physicians about what has happened between appointments

The app alerts patient users who input their data to:

  • Recognize that their symptoms have deteriorated
  • Appropriate early action to reduce hospital admissions and ER visits
  • Improve their daily quality of life

If you are a doctor treating patients with COPD, join us!

If you or someone you know has COPD, SAVE YOUR BREATH and sign up today.

Take Control. Go Live.

You can connect with people to benefit each other

For example, when you input health information, you can:

  • Read about your condition and learn ways to better manage your daily life
  • Access clinical trials that may be available in Louisville
  • Support planting of trees to improve the oxygen level and air quality in the city

The combined health data of every COPD patient that joins the SAVE YOUR BREATH campaign can be analyzed to better understand the major concerns of COPD patients in Louisville. If we understand things better, then we can help you better, and you might be happier managing your condition.